Changing Pads – Set of Three

August 10, 2016

These changing pads are waterproof and easy to care for. They can go in the washer and dryer with the rest of baby's clothes.

Changing Pad

I hadn't heard of using bamboo for clothing until just recently. These changing pads are made from bamboo and polyester. The bamboo helps to keep them germ free. I don't know exactly how this works, something in the bamboo I would think. However, it is very soft. I know soft is not something you would think of when you think of bamboo. At least I know I wouldn't but they are.

Changing Pad

These changing pads are sold on Amazon at They really aren't that expensive either.

I can see that these pads would not irritate baby's skin because they are so soft. The color is nice too. It's a beige color that is really light so it shouldn't hold heat if you use it outdoors which is nice, especially here in Southern Arizona.

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I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest review.

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