Planting times in Arizona

May 3, 2016

Growing much of anything (with the exception of cactus) in Arizona can sometimes be a challenge. Because of this, I had to go searching for planting times in the state. Apparently I did not consult this chart before planting because according to this I shouldn't have started my pumpkin until later this month.

Since the average elevation of Arizona is about 4000 feet, I went with this chart for planting times.

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Actually, really looking at the charts, I see that there are several that I should have waited to plant. Of course this year has already been warmer than most, so maybe this isn't a bad thing. I get the feeling I will just have to wait and see. I planted everything around the first part of April, so I'm almost a month in and so far all seems to be going well.

I think the only difficulty I am having so far, is knowing how much to water. I think I am watering too much right now but I am not sure. I need to get a hydrometer to check the soil for moistness to determine if I am over or under watering. I think this will be my next garden purchase.

Planting times depend on the temperatures to be accurate. Because we have been very warm so far this year, I think most of these dates probably need to be moved up at least a month. Which seems to say that I planted at about the right time.

I still have a few different seeds that I am hoping to get in the dirt very soon, like within the next couple weeks. I look forward to sharing that with you as well.

Have a great day!


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