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April 25, 2016

In response to Blogging from A to Z April Challenge


U is for Unexpected!

I am so thrilled right now I'm not sure I can contain myself. Since, hubby broke his leg, he won't be able to drive his truck to work for a while (it's a standard). He will have to take my Kia to work with him since it's an automatic. This means that we are putting my Jeep back on the road!


A little back information on my Jeep. I bought this Jeep back in 2003 when I got my license. This was my first car that I bought and paid for (well financed anyways). I paid it off in 2006 and was extremely thrilled. We took this Jeep to Oklahoma with us last year towed behind our RV. She has almost 400,000 miles on her. I love this car.

Yes, being that old she does have some issues, and she can be very temperamental at times, but she still runs. After Aarron and I got married, he got the Kia for me so that I had a more reliable vehicle with A/C since the summers get to be over 100 here (usually 110 or so).


She definitely has an attitude problem, but she is mine! I love this Jeep and can't wait to start driving it again.

Have a great day!


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By Renee


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    Sandy KS

    It is nice that you shared this. It would be even better if you shared the post title and link.

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    Home and Loving it

    I think this may come directly from WordPress. The actual post should be the next one in line from this one on the timeline.

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