Make over your Morning Day 5

January 6, 2016

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Day 5 of Make over your Mornings is about goals. We have to set goals to work toward in order to have a purpose in life.

Step 1: What areas are you responsible for in your life?

  1. marriage
  2. myself
  3. school
  4. fiances
  5. blog

Step 2: what are 2 or 3 things you would most like to change, accomplish, or work toward in these areas?

  1. Marriage: communication and intimacy
  2. Myself: weight and motivation
  3. School: do some every day and to finish
  4. Finances: pay down debt and make more money
  5. Blog: New followers and better content

Step 3: Narrow down your ideas.

  1. Marriage - a. less phones b. More talking
  2. Myself - Exercise
  3. School - work 2 - 3 hours every day
  4. Finances - a. Continue to make monthly payments b. Work on monetizing blog
  5. Blog - a. advertising b. content planning

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