Recreate a Single Day

November 19, 2015

Day 14: Writing 101
Recreate a Single Day

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For today we are to recreate a single day staying within a 24 hour timeline. I've never been one for writing stories. I just try to explain my life and what is happening on any given day (yes, I know sometimes my life is pretty boring). So, I think I will use the alternate choice for today of: revealing one days significance through it's aftermath. Here goes.

I think so far, the most significant day for me would have to be when I met my husband. The aftermath of all of this is obvious; we got married. After my second divorce, I swore I would never marry again. If I only knew then what I know When I met my husband our first date consisted of dinner at the Triple T Truck Stop. Surprisingly, this is the same place my parents met (my mother was a waitress at the diner and my father was the tire-man for the truck stop). Our date was only supposed to be dinner but 2 hours later we were still in the parking lot talking. I had never met someone I could talk to so easily.

My daughter kept calling and texting to see where I was at and when I would be home. At the end of the night I knew this was someone I could spend the rest of my life with and we have since been married almost 2 years now. And to think, I was so scared about meeting him that I almost canceled that date!

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